March 2020
These are new times for us all.
This simply done video is intended to invite a new perspective:
Are we locked in our homes?
Or are we at the same time free to discover something new within ourselves?
Is the couch the comfortable launching ramp for new ideas?
Is the carpet the stage for your own stand-up comedy?
Or is the workshop in the basement an atelier after all?
Your home is what you make of it: your boutique, your cinema, your workshop, your studio, your creative ball pool/Bällebad.
Hop in and let’s start a counter-pandemic of joy, art, creativity and happiness.

Share your ideas using #trueyou
And feel free to share the video. Thank you.
My role: design, production, cut
Idea, text, production: Hannes Winkler
Music: Wintergatans wonderful Marble Machine:

With this video wanted to add another perspective on the challenging times, that came and are present with COVID-19. 
To inspire the people in doing what makes them happy, we used only things that we had at home.

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